Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Happy Halloween

UPDATE 10/30/2011: Esther was kind enough to give me some free time. I managed to finish it.

I was supposed to finish coloring this before Halloween but finishing the actual sketch took me long enough. 30 mins of free time per day is not enough to get into the groove, but just enough to finish a drawing in a work week. I'll update the image if I ever finish it. Anyway, Happy Halloween everyone!


  1. Whoa, nice job! I think it works well as a sketch, even if you don't get it colored. I like the fisheyed landscape below her too.

  2. nice! I like it, did you color it in photoshop? if so nice job making it look non-photoshoppy with the brush treatment. If it's not photoshop then good job being primitive.

  3. Thanks guys,

    Scott- I just had to color it. I haven't painted anything for myself in ages.

    Kyle -yeah,photoshop. Future Poly brushes..bwehehe

  4. Good work! I thought the sketch was looking pretty sweet already but the color and lighting work really tops it.