Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Challenge! The Throne of Arachne - Deadline 7/21

Title: The Throne of Arachne
Due: 7/21

Given that we've been on the subject of Greece and there is so much to Greek mythology we'd never get to cover in one game I figured we could start a new art challenge and keep the theme. This challenge will focus on the myth of Arachne.

Here is a link to an "Animated" version of the Arachne myth.

There are other versions of the myth but those really aren't important. You're welcome to do more research if it helps you conceptualize.

The variation and twist here is that rather than being transformed into a simple garden-variety spider, Arachne has been transformed by Athena into a demi-goddess who rules the realm of spiders. What specifically that means and which direction you take it is up to you.

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