Sunday, March 25, 2012

HeadSculpt weekend

So I managed to get some head sculpting done over the weekend. This was the head I sculpted while watching the first 5 videos from the video tutorials that Kyle provided us. I'm getting comfortable. Now I just have to learn the real in's and out's of the program. anyway, I'm seeing a bunch of things I'd like to fix with the sculpt, so I should just post it, be done and move on to the next one.

Update: 3/31/2012

so Van, here are the updated eyes. I still need to work it, but yeah, it's less flat looking. Thanks for the tip!


  1. Looking pretty good. The eyes are a bit flat though. I usually sculpt eyelids around a sphere subtool. It's a lot easier that way for me to get the area around the eyes wrapping around a sphere of the right size instead of eyeballing (no pun intended) the sphere size and shape. Good start.

  2. ah thank you good sir. I'll try that out with a sphere.

  3. Yeah. Its looking better. Looks like you cleaned it up a bit too. Are you going to add a neck and shoulders as well?